Food Grade Dry Bulk Shipping

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Foodliner is a dry bulk carrier, providing shipping services to all of North America and Mexico.

Whether we are transporting flour, dry sugar, starch or other food-grade material, Foodliner’s strict adherence to food safety (HACCP) ensures that your product will maintain its quality throughout the shipping process. Count on Foodliner to transport your ingredients with the utmost of care, on time and safely.

As one of the top food grade tanker companies, we make it our priority to safely deliver your bulk food freight on time. Our food grade tankers are equipped with the latest technology, enabling us to ensure your products remain free of contaminants. And our growing food grade tanker fleet of 800 company-owned tractors, 120 leased operators, and 1,600 trailers gives us the ability to meet the changing demands of your business as it grows.

Dry Bulk Shipping Specialized Services

Foodliner offers a wide range of dry bulk shipping services for bulk foods, enabling us to conveniently adapt to your company’s ever-changing demands.

You’ll find we have everything you need to efficiently and cost-effectively handle your dry bulk shipping needs.

From our state-of-the-art food grade tankers to our inventory management services, we have the solution that meets your business needs.

Our dry bulk shipping services include specializations in the following areas:

  • Rail/Truck Transfer
  • Bulk-to-Tote/Supersack Loading
  • Bag-to-Bulk Loading
  • Tank-to-Gaylord Loading
  • Self-Loading Trailers with Filters
  • Kosher Certification

Some of the many benefits of using Foodliner as your food grade tanker carrier include:

  • State-of-the-art food grade tankers and equipment, providing you with maximum payload capacity.
  • A stringent sanitizing process, trained operators, and use of only shipper-approved cleaning facilities (both at and away from our terminals), ensuring that all food-grade equipment and handling exceed industry standards.
  • Professional, quality-trained drivers and central dispatch support staff who strive to exceed the needs and expectations of both you and your customers.
  • Online capabilities that include: EDI, On Board PeopleNet (Satellite Communications System) and SkyBitz, our trailer tracking system that enables you to conveniently bill and track loads.

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As a subsidiary of the McCoy Group, we have the financial stability to service your diversified business needs. Our strategically positioned operating centers and dedicated food grade tankers make choosing Foodliner a smart choice.

Contact us today to discuss using Foodliner as your food grade tanker carrier and to inquire about our dry bulk shipping rates.


For solutions that work for your company’s unique customer needs and requirements, you don’t need to look any further. Foodliner is an industry leading source of safe and dependable bulk transportation services. Contact us today to discuss how we may serve you.

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